Women empowerment

The process of social change which allows women to get rid of feminine qualities that make them valuable and useful to the society.

Smart work

Applying short-term/loose fixes to broad level problem mainly keeping in mind personal gain and/or protecting one's ass.

Context: In my limited experience in corporate world I have seen that managers reward people who do "smart work" (in the above sense) over those who do hard work. Because the former help them achieve their productivity targets and KRA's which are the primary qualifying parameters for the next appraisal. Since corporations are limited liability entities, no one really works for the company, much less for adding value to the society (which should be the primary focus of a business entity). In modern times jumping jobs every two years for 30 to 40 percent hike in compensation is quite normal. Who cares what the repercussions of one's policies are a few years down the line when one would have been promoted to another level or moved on to another employer.

Customer service

Psychopathic criminals hiring empathetic people to represent them to their victims.

People skills

Knowing how to manipulate people.


A person who more than enjoying enjoys critiquing enjoyment.

Metro friendship

Metro friendship is a superficial friendship in which friends may not know that it is superficial; they often consider themselves to be very good friends, because it's the best friendship they can have in their kind of lifestyle.

These are generally friendships between people who don't have much social life outside their corporate workplace where they spend 10-12 hrs a day (and the rest of the time is slept off or spent in front of TV), and on weekends become crazy zombies with booze or do some such shit with their "friends".

Needless to say, I derived this term from "metro lifestyle", which doesn't have scope for deeper human connections.

Unregulated sexual marketplace

A society in which sexual pursuits and activities of its members are not governed by religious norms or traditional values. Modern urban world is mostly transformed into one.

Mass media (mostly television), technological "developments" and consequent changes in lifestyles are major factors contributing to washing away of traditional values; whereas scientific advances have long challenged religious worldviews. Although religions still have strong foothold, they hardly have any influence on the lifestyles of urbanites.

In an unregulated sexual marketplace, romantic love will be a disease, marriage and family will be virtually non-existent. There will be few winners while most people will be losers. And even those who win will have no peace of mind since sexual competition is always on.

Unregulated sexual marketplace is a nightmare of human existence.

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